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-Established in 2017, the “Egyptian Industrial Integration” (EII)

is the first company in Egypt, and the second in MENA region

specialized enterprise for manufacturer all kinds of pile weather stripping for doors and windows.

-EII” located in 6th of October, Industrial Zone have been

engaged in local market to substitute product import. Our

professional virtues, customer focus and commercial

credibility wins the support and trust from our customers.

-The company has passed ISO9001 International Quality

Management System Certification All our staff will always

hold the quality policy to provide our customers with the

quality products and services

-In three years’, time, presently, our company have four

production lines generating seven products; Silicone

HD (G-5185), HD+ (B-6915), Height Fin, Silent Fin,

TRI Fin and Adhesive which create more successes to our

in and in” brand.

Weather stripping is a combination of textile and plastic material composed by a hard base and soft pile using on aluminum grooves on the sliding windows and doors. It is used by manufacturers of window and doors for sliding or compression applications where seal, stabilization of the aluminum or PVC frames needed.

Weather stripping is used to help prevention of air filtration and water penetration and reduce the passage of dust, light, sound, and smoke through the window and door. Low co-efficient of friction makes woven pile weather stripping particularly suitable for sliding windows and doors but also excellent for compression applications in top-hung, hopper, other casement and tilt and turn windows and doors when fitted into suitable grooves.

in and in” woven pile weather stripping is produced using virgin fabrics from multi-filament polypropylene to give maximum sealing performance and manufacture to the highest international standards of quality and performance to ensure easy and continuous fitting.

to grow bigger in a limited world”, supplying the local market with a proudly manufactured Egyptian product and penetrates potential global markets by offering quality excellence, price competitiveness and honorable customer satisfaction

Continue expanding in new production lines to fulfill the local market needs and grow in export business within emerging markets